The Fire Hose Washer is constructed of 1-1/2" stainless square tubing with only one moving part, a 1/2" rod that swings up and down to allow for the insertion of the fire hose. After the hose is inserted, the rod drops down, serving as a guide to keep the hose in the powerful streams of water. There are two water jets running parallel to the ground. These continous jets are located along the upper and lower portion of the washer, spraying water at an angle toward the ramp portion of the Fire Hose Washer. Once the hose is inserted, it floats between the two jets cleaning both sides at once. Up to four 1" hoses can be washed simultaneously, or any combination up to 5". You simply hook the Fire Hose Washer to a 2-1/2" pressure hose or fire hydrant, pull the hose thru and the gravel and other soluble contaminants are blasted off. Unlike other hose washers on the market, the Fire Hose Washer does not spray water, dirt or other contaminants back onto the freshly washed portion of the hose. You PULL the hose thru at your own pace, slowing down for heavily soiled areas. The Fire Hose Washer comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects and a 30 day money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.



How It Works